Log Furniture Tools For Building Custom Log Furniture

log furniture tools
log furniture tools

Log Furniture Tools

Looking for that perfect couch, chair, table or bed to add to the charm of your cabin interior? How about a nice piece of log furniture? Better yet, have you ever thought about how to make log furniture yourself with just a few log furniture tools?

Making log furniture can be a budget friendly addition to your cabin furniture set and comes with the bonus of looking fantastic and the sense of pride knowing that you were able to build log furniture on your own. Plus, you might be able to add a few extra log cabin tools to your collection. Lets review a few available tools to build log furniture.

Log Tenon Cutter

Most log furniture plans suggest the use of the round mortise and tenon joint. This joint provides the tradition look of log furniture that is so appealing. A tenon cutter helps simplify the tenon maker joint process. Tenon cutters are available in just about any diameter which will help you complete any of your log furniture woodworking projects.

Draw Knife of Draw Shave

The Draw Knife is one of many woodworking tools that is handy for debarking and peeling logs. The draw knife is a sharp metal blade that is flanked by a handle on each end of the blade. To use, you hold the handles one in each hand and place the drawshave on the surface of the lumber. As you draw or pull the knife towards you a thin layer of the bark of the tree is shaved off. When the drawknife blade dulls you can sharpen again with a metal file.

Axe and Hatchet

The axe and hatchet both have a striking blade with a handle. The axe is for use with both hands and has a longer handle. The hatchet is smaller in nature and can be held in one hand. Both can chop down trees, clear branches, remove bark and chunk trees down into smaller sections. Both are very common log furniture tools.


An Adze is similar to an axe however the blade has an arch or curve to allow for cutting, trimming and shaping logs. The adze blade has an angle from the handle which allows for quick removal of wood as you are molding timber. Using an adze takes a little bit of practice but taking smaller swings aligned with the grain really helps the job go a little quicker.

Bark Spud

Bark Spuds are also effective tools when peeling or removing bark from timber. A bark spud has a rectangular shape metal edge with a slight curve attaching to a longer handle. With a bark spud, you can push the spud between the bark and the cambium layer of the tree. As a result, separating the bark from the rest of the tree is a fairly easy step in the overall how to build log furniture process.

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  1. I love the idea of making and designing some of your own, natural furniture. Log furniture adds this nature feel to our homes or cabins. I appreciate you going over some effective tools to use when creating log furniture. I wasn’t aware of the bark spud, but it sounds like a good tool for removing that bark.

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