Ice Fishing House – Get Ready For The Ice

Are you looking for the perfect Ice Fishing House? How about a multi-purpose fish house that you could also use during other seasons for hunting and camping? As we prepare and plan for the season, let’s take a look at some of the features and considerations that make up the latest models and luxuries of today’s Ice Fishing House.

Ice Fishing House

Permanent or Portable Ice Fishing House

A Permanent Ice Fishing House is typically considered an Ice Shanty that has wheels/tires and usually must be licensed. A Portable Ice Shanty does not have wheels and is easily portable because it can be folded up, collapsed, or quickly disassembled for easily moving around.

Permanent Ice House Frame or Chassis

A heavy-duty, long-lasting, strong Chassis or Frame is a must-have for your Ice Fishing House. The frame should be constructed of durable steel or aluminum lightweight tube frames. High caliber frames from Fish House Frames Manufacturers are matched with Torsion Suspension Axles, Leaf Spring Axles, or Tandem Axles. If you are planning on dropping your fish house down onto the ice, consider manual hand crank systems as well as hydraulic fish house frames with winches powerful enough to lift up and down your drop-down fish house frame. Also, a 2″ Coupler Hitch and a removable tongue.

  • Torsion Suspension Axles
  • Leaf Spring Axles
  • Standard vs, Premium Fenders and Rims
  • V Frame Design / Other
  • Removable Tongue / Hitch
  • Goose Neck Tongue
  • Hydraulic Lift System
  • Steel or Aluminum Frame
  • Hand Crank Lift
  • 2″ Coupler / Ball

Ice Fish House Exterior Ideas

The exterior of your Ice Fishing House should be strong and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Weather that reaches subzero degree temperatures in the harshest days of winter and also weather that climbs to beyond one hundred degrees plus while hunting in the warmer days of the year. The exterior should be strong but also lightweight. After all, you will be towing your ice shack down the road and eventually resting it on ice.

Ice House Roof

The roof of your ice house should be able to withstand the freeze and thaw cycles of each season and be able to accommodate accumulating snow and debris. Many of the Ice Fishing Houses on the market today feature roof trusses and a weatherproof roof sealed to prevent any leaking. Look for one-piece roofing systems where there are no seams or screw holes.

Doors and Windows

Consider the positioning and weatherproofing of exterior doors and windows in your ice shack. If you have an oven or stove in your shack, do you want a window nearby? Do you want a window or vent inside or near the bathroom? Do you prefer the door on the front V of the fish house, or do you prefer it on the side? This is personal preference, but some anglers feel that doors in certain locations help provide the feel of a more spacious house.

Ice House Insulation

Look for a fish house with proper insulation. Is the roof insulated? How about the walls and doors? Don’t forget about the floor insulation as well. An insulated floor can definitely add to your ice cabin experience. Just think, you might be able to walk around in socks or slippers instead of insulated snow boots. Insulation will help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some toy haulers have R-16 values or higher.

Diamond Plate Rock Guard wrapping your ice trailer will protect your trailer from rock chips and ice damage for years to come. A nice chrome finish on your diamond plate rock guard enhances the exterior look of your ice shanty.

Ice House Exterior Considerations

  • Strong but lightweight
  • Properly Insulated Roof, Walls & Floor
  • One-Piece Roof Construction
  • Weatherproofing / Leak Proof
  • V-Frame Design
  • Roof Trusses for Support
  • Rock Guard Diamond Plate
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Exterior Lighting Package
  • Ice House Colors and Design
  • Door Position
  • Screen Door
  • Solid Construction to Handle Changing Weather Conditions
  • Awning
  • Sound System
  • Outdoor Shower
  • External Grill
  • External Kitchen

Ice Fish House Interior Ideas

Along with the other amenities found inside of your fish house, one of the most important factors to put some thought into is the layout of your ice house. With numerous designs and layouts to choose from, there surely is an optimal layout suited best for you based on how you plan to use your house. Do you want a half bath or a full bath? Will you be hauling a four-wheeler and other equipment? Where will the stove, oven, sink, and countertop be positioned? Will you have bunk beds, pull-out beds, full-sized queen beds, and more?

You want a high-quality ice fishing house made of premium construction and materials that will be long-lasting and hassle-free for years to come. You want to be busy with fishing, hunting, or camping activities and not worried about ongoing fish house maintenance.

Take a look at the fish house editions and floor layouts provided by Yetti Outdoors. They have models for Ice Fishing, all Seasons, and the ability to customize to fit your exact needs and specifications.

Ice House Interior Considerations

  • Low Maintenance Long Lasting Materials
  • Television Hookup Location(s)
  • Warranty
  • Layout – Plenty of Space
  • Fish Hole, Ice Hole Locations
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Air Conditioner
  • Heater
  • Counter Top and Sink
  • Full Bathroom or Half Bathroom
  • Microwave
  • Bait Tank / Live Well
  • Power Plugs
  • Inverter
  • Sound System
  • Interior Lighting Package
  • Stove / Oven
  • Storage / Cupboards