5 Best Backpacking Axe & Hatchets

backpacking axe

If you spend any time in the woods, whether backpacking, camping, cutting firewood, or hunting, there are many good reasons you may want to carry an axe or a hatchet. From a good backpacking axe or hatchet to heavy-duty axes designed to cut down trees, there are plenty of excellent options. Should I Take An …

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11 Best Folding Camp Chairs And Portable

folding camp chairs

The best folding camp chairs make your time outside more enjoyable. From lightweight and ultra-portable camping chairs to more luxurious reclining chairs. There are great folding camping chairs with options to meet your needs regardless if you’re camping, backpacking, going to outdoor sporting events, outdoor concerts, or enjoying time in your backyard while reading a …

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Different Types Of Hammocks – 8 Solid Hammock Picks

types of hammocks

Lying and swinging in a hammock is a great way to let your worries disappear and perhaps even a good excuse to sneak in a nap. No matter the season or the reason, it’s hard to beat the comfort of a hammock. Whether you’re in your backyard, your campsite, or backcountry, there are many types …

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Best Campfire Dutch Oven – Cast Iron Camping Oven

best campfire dutch oven

Perhaps you love to cook at home and delight in expanding your culinary expertise. If you’re an avid camper or outdoors person, the perfect marriage between these two interests may be dutch oven cooking. Beginners find it relatively accessible, while more experienced foodies can tackle more advanced meals. The sky is the limit when it …

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Best Generator For Camping & RVs Quiet & Portable

best generator for camping

When we leave the comfort of our home to go camping, we leave behind a lot of creature comforts. Electricity powers all sorts of things we take for granted, from lights to heaters. Often, while you can go camping, you use propane or batteries to power these things. Generators can also be a good source …

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Best Campfire Grill Grates For Camping And Cooking

best campfire grill grate

While you are camping, you’ll likely have an open campfire, so finding the best campfire grill grates makes perfect sense as a convenient method to cook or heat your food over a nice wood fire. Camping is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Proper preparation and having the …

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Best Tent Stove For Winter Wood Burning Camping

best tent stove

Despite what it seems, winter camping does not have to be cold and miserable. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors person with lots of camping experience under your belt or new to the outdoor lifestyle, rest assured you can get out and camp in the outdoors even when it’s chilly. You do not need to be …

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7 Best Tent Safe Heater For Winter Camping Nights

tent safe heater

If you’ve ever camped in cold weather or thought about it, you know it’s not nearly as comfortable as summer camping. Along with having the proper clothing, a heat source is a practical way to ensure you have an enjoyable time without freezing. There are several ways to stay warm, and a tent safe heater …

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Best Hammock Underquilt For Camping, Backpacking

best hammock underquilt

So, you’ve decided to switch from a tent system for camping and backpacking to a full-blown hammock setup. What exactly will you need to make this switch from tent camping? Besides a hammock, you’ll need the best hammock underquilt to help keep you comfortable. Of course, you’ll also need a sleeping bag, or a sleeping …

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Best Rain Gear For Hiking, Backpacking, Camping

rain gear for hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity with many benefits. It gets you out in nature, is an excellent workout, and is a great activity to do with friends, family, or all by yourself. A nice, sunny day is always preferable. However, inevitably you will run into rain if you are out and about hiking often enough. …

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