How To Get Rid Of Ground Bees | 12 Easy DIY Solutions

how to get rid of ground bees

Whether you’ve been stung by them, seen them flying around, or are an advocate for saving them, bees touch all of us in one way or another. They are an essential part of the natural ecosystem and pollinate flowers, crops, and other plants. Whether you live off-grid, in a little cabin in the woods, or …

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Bat Repellent – 7 Bat Removal Methods That Work

bat repellent

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have bats and you are in need of a quick acting bat repellent. These flying mammals are good for the environment when they stay outside. Indoors, bats can make humans sick. Their excrement can contain toxic fungus that causes a serious upper respiratory infection called histoplasmosis. A …

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How To Make Your Own Tick Tubes – 5 EASY STEPS DIY

5 easy steps how to make your own tick tubes

Tick or Spider? Which of these make you more nervous if you find one crawling on you or your child? Do one of these cause you to jump a little bit more when you realize it is slowly traveling up your leg? Tick Tubes can help reduce or eliminate ticks in your area. In this …

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Cabin Resources – Tools, Sawmills, and Land Auctions

cabin resources

Whether you are building a cabin or working on a weekend maintenance cabin project, we have identified a list of Helpful Cabin Resources that may come in handy. Sawmills and Log Processing Equipment Wood-Mizer Sawmills, log splitters, blades, molders, planers, kilns, and more. Find Your New Property LandWatch A site for finding land for sale, …

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Log Cabin Chinking Materials and Tools

log cabin chinking

Log Cabin Chinking is a technique used to seal narrow openings between cabin logs and fill cracks or crevices within logs. Chinking helps to keep nature’s elements outside, maintain a comfortable environment inside, and reduce air and moisture intrusion. There are a variety of log chinking materials, products, chinking recipes, and log chinking techniques available. …

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