Axe vs Hatchet The Useful Differences Between

axe vs hatchet

Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home or go camping regularly, you’ll need to cut firewood and split kindling. Or, perhaps, you’re cutting and stripping logs for building things or even clearing fallen logs off trails. These activities would require tools like a saw and maybe an axe or a hatchet. However, there …

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12 Parts Of An Axe | Ax Anatomy To Stay Safe

parts of the axe

Axes, hatchets, and tomahawks are similar in look and feel because the anatomy of an axe, hatchet, or tomahawk is basically the same. Each has its advantages, and each can help you accomplish different jobs. Let’s examine the parts of an axe to understand the makeup of this simple tool better. What Is An Axe …

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Best Compost For Garden Vegetables And Flowers

best compost for garden

Have you ever wondered how you can do your part to keep waste out of the landfill? Composting is an excellent method for decreasing your waste stream, but it is also good for the environment in other ways. Plus, adding in the best compost for garden is sure to have you growing lush, delicious vegetables …

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Best Cast Iron Griddle For tasty Bacon and Eggs

best cast iron griddle

Whether you are new to cooking or a seasoned professional, a cast iron griddle allows you to cook things in ways regular pans don’t. They are in use anywhere from professional kitchens to off-grid cabins and by people from all walks of life. They require some specific maintenance but will soon become one of your …

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How To Create A Cabin Fire Barrier

how to create a cabin fire barrier

As we face extended droughts and hotter temperatures year after year, the threat of wildfire becomes greater. Perhaps you’ve witnessed it firsthand or been directly impacted, or maybe you’ve just watched it on the news and hoped you’d never have to deal with it. Unfortunately, the stark reality is that more people live in the …

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16 Gardening Tool Names And Their Best Uses

gardening tool names

Whether you’re just getting into gardening or an old pro, there are always new things to learn. Gardening can be both daunting and rewarding at the same time but armed with a bit of knowledge of the basics and gardening tool names, you’ll be growing your vegetables, herbs, and flowers in no time. A successful …

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Best Potting Soil For Herbs Indoors or Outdoors

best potting soil for herbs

Whether you cook with them, use them as ornamental decorations in your yard, to keep insects away, or for a plethora of other things, growing herbs is relatively easy and immensely rewarding. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and in containers or plant beds. No matter how you do it, one thing is certain: …

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Lettuce Growing Indoors – Fresh Salads ALL Year Round

lettuce growing indoors

Whether you absolutely love eating salads or you’re feeling guilty because you know you should eat more greens, it can often be challenging to keep a steady supply of fresh lettuce. We’ve all been there. You’re motivated to eat healthily, and you go to the grocery store and buy all your salad fixings. Then you …

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How To Get Rid Of Ground Bees | 12 Easy DIY Solutions

how to get rid of ground bees

Whether you’ve been stung by them, seen them flying around, or are an advocate for saving them, bees touch all of us in one way or another. They are an essential part of the natural ecosystem and pollinate flowers, crops, and other plants. Whether you live off-grid, in a little cabin in the woods, or …

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Bat Repellent: 10 Bat Removal Methods That Work

bat repellent

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have bats and you are in need of a quick acting bat repellent. These flying mammals are good for the environment when they stay outside. Indoors, bats can make humans sick. Bat excrement can contain toxic fungus that causes a serious upper respiratory infection called histoplasmosis. A …

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