Hunting Cabins: Portable and Less Expensive Options

Hunting cabins can be a far-off dream for many and a near-term reality for some. While planning, saving, and waiting for the build completion of your perfect cabin, consider other inexpensive hunting cabin ideas which will allow you to stay right on your hunting land sooner or perhaps even this season.

hunting cabins
hunting cabins

Prefab Cabins

Modern prefab homes or prefab cabins are modified to your specifications and budget. Prefab cabins arrive fully assembled and ready to move in. Manufacturers help you through the cabin selection process. They assist with preparing your site and coordinate cabin delivery. Due to the manufacturer’s assistance, pre-built hunting cabins can remove a lot of the hassle from the cabin building process.

Portable Hunting Cabins

Portable hunting cabins are generally less than 1,000 square feet of space. Small hunting cabins are also known as eco-houses or prefab tiny house kits. They have a significantly lower price point in comparison to a permanent cabin. On average, these small hunting cabins range between $20,000 and $40,000 dollars depending on the included bells and whistles. Mobile hunting cabins allow you to re-position your cabin throughout the year, depending on the season< so you can remain close to the action./p>

If you want to spend even less on your portable cabin, consider hunting cabin plans that enable you to haul your hunting shelter directly to your land in the back of your pickup truck bed. Portable Hunting Cabins allow you to hunt where you want with comfortable shelter nearby.

Hunting Cabin Kits

Kits allow you to assemble the cabin yourself, and they ship directly from the factory to you. Kits can be a fun experience with family and friends as you build your cabin from the ground up. Cabin Kits may have a few hidden expenses for items like additional equipment and tools that you may not have on hand.

Shipping Container Hunting Cabin

Why not modify shipping containers to provide you and your hunting party with a comfortable hunting retreat? With containers, you have a solid structure that keeps nature out, and they are difficult to break into. Also, You can add windows, tables, chairs, beds, electricity, plumbing, and even a kitchen area. If you need additional space, you could even adjoin multiple containers.

Wall Tent

wall tent
wall tent

Another hunting cabin option, although more temporary, is a wall tent. While a tent will help keep you under cover, they are easily set up almost anywhere. There are lighter version backpacker-style tents and tougher canvas wall tents. In addition, canvas tents have optional heaters to keep hunters nice and cozy.

Tents are a good option for shorter or weekend hunting trips. Most likely, you will be able to purchase a tent for less than $1500. There are plenty of add-on upgrades available for the comfort level you want.