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Where is the nearest bait and tackle shop near me? Stop in at the local bait shop with your friends and fill your tackle box with gear and the hot fishing lure of the day.

bait and tackle shop near me
bait and tackle shop near me

We all know that fish are finicky, and the hot lure on Friday may not be the hot lure on Saturday. Make sure your fishing supplies include a variety of different bait and tackle that will help you zero in on what the fish are biting on for a great day on the water.

Local Bait Shop Near Me ( Map )

Bait Tackle Near Me ( State Map )

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Bait And Tackle Shop Near Me

I have bait and tackle shop maps for every state. Click on a state above for a state by state view of tackle shops near you close to your destination. Also view the bait and tackle shops along your travel route if you are planning an upcoming fishing trip.

Benefits of Local Bait And Tackle Shops

A tackle store focused on good customer service will be able to tell you what the local fish are biting on based on updated fishing reports from area anglers. Bait shop owners or tackle store workers have the advantage of local expertise and knowledge and they can help prepare you for a successful angling trip.

Local bait shops can give you a precise location and directions to the closest boat ramp, fishing piers, best fishing spots for surf fishing, and a hot spot location out on the lake. They also can provide recommendations on rods, reels, bait and lures.

Tackle shops also will have first hand fishing knowledge experience and recommendations on local fishing guides or fishing charters. They can tell you which charters provide the best service and routinely come back with a successful catch.

As you are coming or going from one of your latest fishing adventures, stop in at a fishing shop with a convenience store. Tackle shops bait can be a great place as a one stop shop for food on the go.

You can also stop at a bait shop for oxygenated and non oxygenated gas, propane refills, and minnow buckets to replace the bucket you accidentally forgot at home or your friends left on shore.

Fishing License

Pick up a fishing license or a gift for your favorite fisherman while you’re in the local bait store. Abide by local and state laws and keep your license current.

What Is A Fishing Shop Called?

A fishing shop is called a bait and tackle shop. A bait shop will have everything an angler needs including fresh bait and tackle to have a successful trip out on the water.

Regardless if you are freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, bait shops will have tackle in stock like rods, reels, fishing line, leaders, fishing hooks, bobbers, and artificial bait like soft plastics.

In addition, you can find live bait, fishing licenses, boat rentals, boat launch permits, bladed jigs, quick fishing rod repairs, fly fishing supplies, and other fishing gear.

What Is The Difference Between Bait And Tackle?

Bait is the fish attractant at the end of your fishing line such as a worm. Tackle is the gear used to attract and catch fish such as the hook.

Common fishing tackle includes rods, reels, line, and hooks regardless of open water fishing or hard water fishing.

Bait comes in the form of minnows, night crawlers, live shrimp, live crab, pinfish, goggle eyes, fish heads, wax worms, shiners and more.

For fish heads, you can purchase just the heads (although usually preserved somehow), or just use the head or tail of a minnow or fat head (instead of the whole minnow) for example.

Is Live Bait Better Than Artificial Bait?

Live bait typically catches more fish than artificial bait however the best bait is the bait that is catching fish.

For a cost perspective, artificial bait may be the better bait purchase over the long term because it will last longer and typically can be stored. Most artificial bait can be used over and over again.

Live bait is primarily a one use bait option. Live bait must be kept cool and eventually the live bait will start to deteriorate and die.

The type of fishing you are doing and your ability to maintain live bait will help you make a decision on your bait fishing needs.

Does Live Bait Catch Bigger Fish?

Live bait does tend to catch bigger fish and more fish over time based on the experience and opinion of fishermen.

If you look at it from the perspective of the fish, live bait has a more natural look, smell, and swimming action in the water. Fish have familiarity with live bait and tend to choose live bait over artificial bait further increasing your odds of catching more and larger fish.