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A fishing charter is an excellent way for you to spend a day out on the water and enjoy a great time on a fishing adventure. You can book fishing charters across the US or the globe and target specific waters and target species of fish. Fishing charters can help you catch a fish of a lifetime. Grab you family or your fishing buddies and book a fishing charter today. You will be glad that you did.

fishing charters
fishing charters

What Is A Fishing Charter

A fishing charter is a paid fishing service offered by boat owners and professional fishermen. With fishing charters, you book the boat captain and their boat for a fishing adventure and they work to put you on the fish.

Fishing charters are somewhat like a fishing boat and fishing equipment rental service. The huge perk of a fishing charter is that you are tapping into the fishing experience and fishing knowledge of the charter fishing guides. Your guide knows where the fish are, and usually, what bait the fish are biting on.

When booking a fishing charter, look for a clean and comfortable vessel for your crew. Then kick back and focus on the fishing and the fun.

How Long Is A Fishing Charter

On average, fishing charters lengths are booked as half-day charters (4 to 6 hours), 3/4 day charters (8 to 10 hours), full-day charters (12 to 18 hours), or overnight charters (24 to 72 hours).

How long you are out on the water is negotiable and is up to You and the fishing boat captain to decide. As a recommendation, before you shove off from the dock, come to an agreement with your fishing guide regarding how long you want to be on the water.

Trip TypeTrip Length
Half Day Charter4 to 6 hours of fishing
3/4 Day Charter8 to 10 hours of fishing
Full Day Charter12 to 18 hours of fishing
Overnight Charter24 to 72 hours of fishing
How Long Is A Fishing Charter

How Much Do Fishing Charters Cost

Private charter rentals are set rates based on the time you will be out on the water. In our opinion, the best fishing charters are full day charters. Full-day charters allow you to cover more water, find the fish, and hopefully catch your daily limit.

Avoid any surprises and lock in your time on the water and know how much will a fishing charter cost before you start fishing. Especially if you are expecting or requesting something out of the ordinary from your fishing guide. They are willing to go the extra mile for a great fishing trip, but they also expect to be compensated for the effort.

How Much Does It Cost To Go Deep Sea Fishing

On average, a half-day deep sea charter will cost in the range between $500 and $800. Charters usually accommodate up to 6 anglers so the cost is divided between the fishing group. Also plan to tip your fishing guide 15% to 20%.

Deep sea fishing costs will vary depending on the species of fish that you are targeting as well as other factors such as time of year, boat availability, length of time on the water, and fishing grounds location. There may be an additional charge for live bait and possibly a fuel cost surcharge.

how much does it cost to go deep sea fishing
how much does it cost to go deep sea fishing

What To Wear On A Fishing Charter

As a general rule, the clothing to wear on a fishing charter depends on the weather forecast. Plan to wear light, quick-dry clothing as a base layer. Bring a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt, windbreaker, and lightweight rain gear to add layers as needed.

Light, quick drying clothing

Check the weather and plan for varying weather conditions. Start with light, quick-dry clothing including t-shirt, shorts, or pants. Consider wearing a light long sleeved shirt. A light shirt with long sleeves will help keep the sun off your arms and the top half of your body a little warmer should the temperature drop. Dress for comfort.

Windbreaker or Lightweight Rain Gear

Plan on packing some sort of windbreaker or lightweight rain gear in case the weather or temperature turns. Rain gear can help keep you warm and dry if the waves are crashing a bit and spraying the fishing crew with a sea breeze and sea spray. Obviously, some rain gear is specifically designed for fishing however your hiking, camping, or hunting rain gear will work just fine as well.

What To Bring On A Charter Fishing Trip

  1. Fishing License – individuals 16 years and over must have a fishing license
  2. Fishing Equipment and Tackle – fishing rods, and a variety of lures
  3. Bait and Live Bait – match your bait to your target fish.
  4. Sunblock – SPF 30 or higher to help prevent sunburn
  5. Hat with brim – to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face
  6. Sunglasses – Polarized sunglasses will reduce the sun glare reflecting off of the water
  7. Neck Gator – a protective cover from the sun for your neck and face
  8. Camera – you are going to want a picture of that trophy fish
  9. Cash – to pay for the fishing charter, tip, and any friendly bets on the boat
  10. Hand Towel – to wipe your hands and keep the clean and dry
  11. Dramamine – tablet medication for seasickness. Dramamine will get the job done
  12. Cooler – with ice for cold beverages and food. Also keep your fish catch fresh
  13. Drinking Water – quench your thirst and stay hydrated on the water
  14. Meals – bring sandwiches, or food that is light, easy to eat, and low on mess and cleanup
  15. Snacks – grab a protein bar, chips, candy bar, or some fruit
  16. A good attitude – stay positive, the fish will bite

Best Fishing Charter Locations

There are fishing charter locations all over the world. Many of the best fishing charter locations are found around the United States. Southern California, Gulf of Mexico, Catalina Island, Lake Michigan, Cape Cod, South Carolina, Outer Banks (OBX), and Southern Florida.

fishing charter
fishing charter

East Coast or West Coast Fishing Charters

Choose a location based on the type of fish that you and your fishing crew are targeting. There are plenty of fish and different fish target species in each charter location. If you are fishing for yellowfin tuna or bluefin tuna you will want to be fishing off of the East Coast or West Coast of the USA.

Gulf of Mexico Fishing Charters

Red Snapper, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum, Black Drum, Striped Sea Bass are typically found in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Eastern Coast of North America

On the Western Coast you can fish for Mahi Mahi, Flounder, Salmon, Halibut, Mackeral and more.

Lake Michigan Fishing Trips

Lake Michigan has fishing charters for Lake Trout, Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and walleye. A great variety of species in local waters, fresh water, and numerous fishing spots.

NOAA Fisheries

If you are looking to charter a boat targeting a specific fish species then we suggest checking out the NOAA Fisheries site to find each species and learn a little more about the fish. This site has a listing of many fish species, fishing locations, fish biology, and conservation efforts and detail.

Fishing Charter Near Me

There are hundreds (100s) if not thousands (1000s) of fishing charters in the United States and across the globe. Find a fishing charter near you, or find a fishing charter or fishing guide further away as you plan your next fishing trip destination.

Fishing Charters Final Thoughts

It is always a great idea to gather friends and family together to hit the water and spend a little time on a fishing trip. Fishing charters are an affordable way to target specific fishing species across the US and globe without having to have your own boat or first hand experience of the waters.

When you are planning your next vacation or fishing getaway consider booking one of the many fishing charter boats available on different waters. Plan to charter a boat and spend a day or a couple days on the water for your next fishing trip. Take in a little fun and the sun.