How Much Are Deer Antlers Worth? Type and Grade Value

The value of whitetail, mule deer, moose, caribou, and elk sheds mainly depends on supply and demand. So, how much are deer antlers worth? It depends on their condition, grade, and unique aspects, such as non-typical abnormalities.

deer antler shed laying on the ground in the fall
deer antler shed lying on the ground in the fall

How Much Do Shed Antlers Sell For On Average

On average, fresh whitetail antlers retail for $12 to $15 per pound. Fresh elk antlers retail at about $15 to $18 per pound. Display ready, high quality antlers and matching antler pairs can sale for $200 or more.

I have put together the following table showcasing the current antler prices at the time of this writing. The ranges reflect the average price per pound for the three types and shed antler grades:

ChalkB, C$.25-$1$.25-$1$.25-$1$.25-$1
Average Antler Price Per Pound Based on Type, Grade, and Species

Whitetail deer and elk antlers are highly sought after by collectors and hobbyists for crafting purposes, making them valuable in certain niche markets. The interest in buying shed antlers can shift depending on the season, with early spring (February to June) being a peak time for antler shed hunting and peak selling season. Explore our treasure hunter’s guide to shed hunting for more information on finding sheds. ”Happy antler hunting!

Shed Antler Types

There are three main types of shed antlers: brown, white, and chalk antlers. Each shed antler is valued based on its condition and classification.

Brown Shed Antlers are the most valuable of the three types. They are usually fresh shed antlers that I find within the same season they were dropped. This type has a rich brown color and is in perfect or near-perfect condition, with no cracks or chips. A brown antler may have slight imperfections like a broken tine, but they still command a higher price than the other types.

White Shed Antlers are older than brown ones, usually found a year after being shed. As their name suggests, white shed antlers have a bleached appearance due to sun and weather exposure. They are less valuable than brown antlers but can still command a reasonable price, especially if they have unique non-typical abnormalities.

Chalk Shed Antlers are the least valuable type, and I usually find this type after at least two or three years on the ground. They are heavily weathered, brittle, and have a chalky white texture. Chalk antlers are often greenish or chewed on by rodents, which further decreases a shed antlers worth.

Understanding Antler Grades

Within each antler type, there are different grades that further determine the average selling price per pound. The grading system helps categorize the antler based on their quality and condition.

Grade A

Grade A antlers are the highest quality available. They are typically intact, symmetrical, and have minimal weathering or damage. Grade A antlers also exhibit impressive size and density. Due to their excellent condition, a Grade A shed commands the highest price in the market.

Grade B

Grade B antlers are slightly lower in quality compared to Grade A. They have minor imperfections, such as small cracks or chips, but are still considered desirable. A Grade B shed is priced lower than Grade A, making them a more affordable option.

Grade C

Grade C antlers are the lowest grade available and least expensive. Grade C may have significant damage, such as broken tines or extensive weathering. This type can be used for smaller crafts or used as dog chews.

Evaluating Deer Antler Value

Grade and Condition

When assessing the worth of deer antlers, grade and condition is important. A fresh shed is generally worth more than older ones, as their overall quality tends to degrade over time. An antler in excellent condition will be free from damage like cracks, chips, or rot and will typically fetch a higher price.


Size plays a critical role in the evaluation of deer antler worth. Larger racks are more sought after, as they may represent trophy-sized racks or be more visually appealing. Additionally, their size could imply the animal’s overall maturity and health, factors that could increase their price.

Remember that size can vary depending on location and species. Knowing the specifics of your rack will give you a better understanding of its worth. The Boone and Crocket world’s record gallery is a great resource for the largest antler records across species.

Weight and Points

Another significant factor that impacts a deer shed antlers worth is their weight and the number of points they possess. Heavier racks are usually more valuable due to the increased amount of material available, which can be further used for various purposes.


Racks from rare species, hard to find, or unique antler growth patterns may command higher average prices.


Deer sheds found in areas with high density populations or in areas where big bucks are known to roam are generally more valuable. For example, whitetail sheds found in areas with high hunting pressure or in areas with harsh winters may have more damage or wear and tear, which can decrease their value.

Legal Considerations

You should review the local laws and regulations regarding the collection, possession, and sale of deer shed antlers. Some areas have specific restrictions or permit requirements for shed hunters and antler sales.

FAQ: How Much Are Deer Antlers Worth?

What are the most valuable antlers?

Grade Brown A is the most valuable antler. Factors such as grade, size, and freshness affect the value. Generally, larger and fresher racks are more valuable. Trophy-sized antlers or racks with non-typical abnormalities attract higher prices due to their rarity and appeal.

How do the prices of deer antlers compare to elk or moose?

Elk and moose antlers may fetch higher prices due to their overall larger size and, at times, lower availability. Specific antler prices will fluctuate based on market demand and the uniqueness of the antlers.

Can you sell real deer antlers?

Yes, you can sell real deer antlers. Before selling, make sure you understand any local laws around collecting and selling antlers.

Where can I sell my deer antlers?

You can sell your deer antlers through various online platforms such as eBay and Etsy. Consider selling to antler collectors, local antler buyers like taxidermists, wildlife organizations, maker shows, or craft shows.

Why do people buy deer antlers?

People buy deer antlers for home decor, maker projects, crafts, and art. Antlers are popular in creating rustic-themed interiors. Hobbyists buy to add to their personal collection and for their unique features, like non-typical abnormalities.

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