11 Best Folding Camp Chairs And Portable

The best folding camp chairs make your time outside more enjoyable. From lightweight and ultra-portable camping chairs to more luxurious reclining chairs. There are great folding camping chairs with options to meet your needs regardless if you’re camping, backpacking, going to outdoor sporting events, outdoor concerts, or enjoying time in your backyard while reading a good book. We have the best camp chair for you.

folding camp chairs
folding camp chairs

Folding Camping Chair Recommendations

Best Camping Chairs

As we’ve mentioned, there are many types of folding camp chairs or chair in a bag on the market, each with various features. So what you’ll be using your chair for will greatly dictate which you choose. Through our own experience, our friends’ experience, and combing through reviews online, we’ve narrowed down our favorite top pick chairs to help you get started.

Best Rocking Camp Chair

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair is the best rocking camp chair with a carry handle. Folding flat, it weighs 12.1 pounds and has a sturdy steel frame with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The seat height is 19.7 inches.

The “rocker” on this chair is specially designed to work well on multiple surfaces, including lawn, gravel, dirt, and pavement or concrete. Reviewers rave about how smooth the glide is. Plus, it’s easy to set up with no assembly required. People also say this is one of the best camping chairs for bad backs.

It’s excellent for any scenario that doesn’t require you to carry it long distances. Just because you’re outside in nature doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable.

This sturdy chair comes with a cup holder, so you can rock your hot day away while enjoying your favorite cold beverage at the same time!

Best Lightweight Backpacking Chair

The Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair is our pick for the best lightweight backpacking chair. Weighing a mere 1.2 pounds with a strong aluminum alloy frame holding up to 265 pounds. Seat and back material is durable machine washable ripstop polyester. Seat height is 8.5 inches.

The seat and back are made of ripstop polyester that holds up to the rain and sun. It’s machine washable (when you spill your favorite beverage on it during a river trip…or so a friend told us). It folds up to the size of a water bottle, so it’s easy to stow in your pack or a side pocket.

This chair is quick and easy to set up and is quite comfortable for being small. While this chair is a bit short at 8.5 inches, you won’t want to get out once you’ve sat down in it. As the best ultralight camp chair, this one is hard to beat.

If you’re searching for the best lightweight camping chair, look no further. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a chair that weighs less. Lighter materials cost more, so this chair is on the upper end of the price spectrum.

When every ounce counts, this will quickly become your best hiking chair as you get plenty of trail miles with this one stowed neatly in your pack.

Best Backpacking Chair for Big Guys

The Helinox Chair Two Ultralight, High-Back, Collapsible Camping Chair is an excellent backpacking chair for big guys. This chair weighs in at 2.7 pounds, and has a seat height of 9.5 inches. This chair is designed to hold up to 320 pounds.

We understand that the best lightweight backpacking chair may not work for someone taller than 6′ or weighing more than 265 pounds. That’s why we’re happy to share another Helinox favorite that is better designed for those that may not fit the Chair Zero. Those with a more significant size advantage

While this chair is not as light as the Helinox Zero, it is still ultralight when it comes to camping chairs. Another essential feature that makes this chair a great choice for taller people is the higher back. In fact, it should also be considered one of the best camping chairs for bad backs for this reason. The high back also makes for a nice headrest.

The Two Ultralight is made of the same proprietary aluminum alloy as the Zero and the same ripstop polyester, meant to withstand the sun and rain. It folds smaller than a loaf of bread and comes with a stuff sack. Whether throwing it in your backpack or the back of the truck, this chair is an excellent option for people of all sizes!

Best Reclining Camp Chair

The TIMBER RIDGE Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner is our best reclining camp chair recommendation. Easily foldable with a weight of 22 pounds. The sturdy frame and extra-strength fabric ensure it can hold up to 350 pounds.

The seat is fully padded and has removable pillows for added comfort. Additionally, this chair comes with a patented slide track pillow that you can move up or down to situate it just where you want it. Whether you want to support your head and neck or need lumbar support, you will be able to adjust this for ultimate comfort.

While there are many options on the market, we like Timber Ridge zero gravity chairs because they’re an outdoor company that pays attention to the details. This chair is perfect for setting up in the backyard or on a camping trip where you’ll be in the same place for a while and don’t have to move it frequently.

The Zero Gravity also comes with a popout side table with a drink holder, so you can kick back and relax while being confident you won’t spill your drink. This chair is perfect for kicking back and relaxing in the backyard, by the pool, or at your favorite campsite. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair

The EVER ADVANCED Lightweight Folding Directors Chair is a heavy duty camping chair. Great for big and tall people with a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a seat height of 19″. This chair is heavy-duty and weighs 9.26 pounds.

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty for camping, a foldable director’s chair is never a bad option. With a sturdy aluminum frame and heavy canvas seat and back, you’ll always feel supported in this chair. The Ever Advanced Lightweight Folding Directors Chair will hold up to lots of wear and tear and last you for years.

Another fantastic feature of this chair is the side table with a cup holder. The table flips out to the side when the chair is set up. It’s great for eating or setting your beverages down. It also comes in handy as extra prep space for cooking when camping over a fire grill. This chair has a storage pocket on the opposite side for conveniently stowing items and staying organized.

Not only is this chair great for camping, but it’s also excellent for any situation where you need comfortable chairs or portable chairs, like tradeshows or outdoor sporting events. So don’t overlook it just because it doesn’t cost a lot.

Best Camping Chair with Footrest

The Guide Gear Club Camping Chair with Foot Rest is a comfortable camping chair with footrest. Thick padding with a powder-coated steel frame supporting a weight capacity up to 500 pounds. Detached footrest has a weight capacity of 80 pounds.

Everyone loves to be comfortable, so whether you’re relaxing at home or sitting in the woods, being able to kick back is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So we’ve dug up an excellent option for kicking back in comfort when you’re out camping. The Guide Gear Club Camping Chair with Foot Rest is so comfortable that it may make it difficult to get up and go on that hike.

This chair comes with thick cushioning for ultimate comfort. With a powder-coated steel frame and heavy, water-resistant polyester seat and back, this chair has a weight capacity of a whopping 500 pounds!

It collapses and fits into an included carry bag for easy transport and storage. This chair also has multiple pockets for storing all your things, from cell phones to snacks. And, if you’re looking for a chair with a bit of flair, the camo design helps it stand apart from the others.

Best Budget Camp Chair

The Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler is our top budget camp chair. The steel frame is built to hold up to 325 pounds with a 24″ wide seat and padded back. The polyester material will hold up to all kinds of weather if you accidentally leave it outside.

If you’re looking for a solid folding camp chair to sit around the campfire that won’t break the bank, check out the Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler. The price is right from a trusted name in camping gear, and this chair will last you for many camping seasons to come.

With four colors to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy. Plus, this chair comes with a cup holder and a portable cooler attached that can hold up to four beverages. So unless you have to get up to use the facilitrees, you won’t have to move for hours if you don’t want to!

There is nothing fancy about this chair, and there doesn’t have to be. It collapses conveniently for quick and easy setup and take down. It comes with a carry bag with shoulder straps to slide your chair into for easy transport and convenient stowage in your vehicle.

Camping Chair Important Factors

1. Price: On average, camp chairs range from $8 to $150.

The price of portable camping chairs can vary greatly depending on their extra features. We’ll discuss this in the other considerations below, but the weight and quality of materials can significantly impact the overall price of a chair.

For example, suppose you’re in search of an ultralight hiking chair. In this case, you’re looking at the high end of the price spectrum, while you can find an ordinary, comfortable camping chair for much less.

2. Weight: Camping chairs weigh between 1 lb. and 35 lbs.

The weight of different camp chairs will vary greatly. If you’re looking for a solid, portable chair for car camping where you’ll only have to carry it short distances, you can get something that has more features like footrests, sunshade, side pockets, and extra padding.

However, if you’re planning to take a chair on your backpacking trip, you’ll need something that weighs far less since ounces equal pounds. While you can get away with using a backpacking chair in the front country, you won’t want to pack an ordinary folding camp chair into the backcountry.

3. Size and Packability: Fold or collapse with carry bag.

Much like the weight, the size and packability will be a consideration depending on how you’ll be using your folding chair and how you’ll be transporting it. Not all folding camp chairs break down the same way.

Some chairs collapse, while others fold, and depending on how much room you have in your vehicle or backpack, you’ll want to choose wisely. Also, the bigger the chair, the heavier it will be. Many come with a handy carry bag, and a packable chair will make for easy transport.

4. Seat Height: Chair height for short or tall individuals.

While seat height may not make a difference for some people, it will likely be a huge consideration for others. For example, a camp chair for tall person will need to have a greater height to ensure comfort.

Someone with bad knees may want to consider something taller to make getting in and out of your chair easier. Many lightweight backpacking chairs are on the short side, so pay attention to dimensions when buying one of these if you require something taller.

4. Weight Capacity: Seat weight capacity up to 600 lbs.

Weight capacity is how much weight a chair can hold. Chairs should come with this information on the tags or box. The best camp chair for big guys or gals will need to have a higher weight capacity than a child.

Some cheaper, lower quality camp chairs may not hold as much weight, so choose carefully. Things that impact weight capacity are what the frame is made of and the fabric choice.

5. Durable Materials: Weather-resistant, strong frames.

Camp chairs come in many different types of materials. The frame may be aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber, metal, or other combinations. The seats are often made of a material like canvas or polyester.

The materials used and their weather-resistant properties can affect the weight and sturdiness of a chair. The best ultralight camping chair will be made of ultralightweight materials, making them more expensive.

6. Comfort: Seat height, seat width, high padded backrest.

On average, a chairs height is approximately 18 inches from the base of the seat to the ground. Standard seat width is roughly 19 inches. The best camping chair is the one that is the most comfortable.

7. Cup Holder: Beverage storage to free up your hands.

Hot or Cold beverages can be placed in convenient chair cup holders. Hot beverages cannot be too hot otherwise you run the risk of melting the cup holder lining in some chairs.

8. Foot Rest: Relax your feet. Adjustable and detachable.

Adjustable foot rests really help you kick back and relax when you’re lounging in a camping chair. Footrests should not be one size fits all as everyone’s height and leg length varies. A good camping chair with footrest should be adjustable to fit your frame. Or the foot rest is long enough to fit just about anyone.

9. Sunshade: Adjustable canopy for blocking sun and rain.

Keep the sun and the rain out of your eyes using a camp chair with a sunshade. Pick a chair with a heavy duty umbrella that is adjustable or removable.

10. Rocker: Allows for smooth rocking motion back and forth.

Camping Rocking Chairs allow you to rock or swing which is a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. Rock yourself into a nice nap or rock while you are enjoying the sunrise or sunset.

11. Armrests: Adjustable armrests to match your arm length.

Camp chair armrests should be adjustable and padded to provide additional comfort while you are sitting. Adjust the position of the armrest to perfectly align to your elbow and forearm.

12. Side Table: Foldable camp table for food and drink.

Unfold a camp table right next to your camp chair for food preparation, eating meals or holding your cold and hot beverages. A foldable camp table also could be used for playing card games or dice.

An outdoor chair can come with many different features. Of course, this will affect weight, so a chair with all the bells and whistles may not be the appropriate choice for backpacking.

However, suppose you don’t have to worry about weight. In that case, chairs with a high back, drink holder, side table, wide seat, adjustable armrests, and even a rocking chair can take your outdoor experience to the next level!

Camp Chair Replacement Bag

As a general rule, you are bound at some point to lose or damage your camping chair bag. No worries, replacement folding camp chair bags or storage bags are available. We prefer the RBC Camp Chair Replacement Bag.

Camp Chairs That Fold Final Thoughts

When buying a folding camping chair, it’s essential to consider price and features, materials, weight, weight capacity, portability, and intended use. After all, you don’t want to be lugging a 22-pound reclining chair up the side of a mountain. Also, a 1.2-pound ultralight chair or lightweight chair may not be the most comfortable for lounging poolside!

Decide whether you want something that folds up or collapses. Think about how you’ll be transporting your chair. Do you need something that folds up small to fit into a backpack? Will you be throwing it in the back of a truck or a Subaru? All of these things will dictate which camp chair is best for you.

If you take the time to read through our reviews, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Whether you’re backpacking deep into the backcountry or car camping and sitting around a campfire, there is no reason you can’t be comfortable. Technology and innovation have allowed camping experiences to be taken to the next level in convenience and comfort.