Rustic Home Decor

You just drove down the cabin drive for a much-needed Holiday weekend of relaxation and family fun surrounded by rustic home decor. You step out of your car and look around outside. You take note of the beauty in the trees as they sway back and forth in the breeze. The lake is glistening with reflections from the sun, and the smell in the air is fresh and energizing. Then, in the sky, a movement catches your eye as an eagle’s cry above announces your family’s arrival.

rustic home decor
rustic home decor

You unload supplies from your car for the long weekend and walk through the front door of the cabin. As you look left and then right, you are delighted with the rustic home decor and how the overall cabin feels. The cabin inside will soon house all of your log cabin furniture and decor. The cabin interior will be just as majestic and soothing as the outdoors in the near future. You have a plan, and you are eager to continue with your log cabin decorating ideas.

Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

log cabin kitchen ideas
log cabin kitchen ideas

A variety of log cabin kitchen ideas were considered, but ultimately you decided that you wanted a kitchen with a modern appeal. The kitchen will have wood cabinets that match the grain and stain of the rustic wood wall decor. The cabinets will feature rectangular-shaped metal hardware, and the surfaces will be smooth natural marble countertops. At the heart of the kitchen is an island for family, friends, and food to gather around. Off the side of the kitchen are a breakfast nook and seasonal deck for watching both sunrise and sunset through the large framed windows.

Hunting Cabin Decor

The cabin great room showcases a large two-story stone fireplace, a gradual wooden spiral staircase leading to an overlook, and bedrooms. The space will balance hunting cabin decor and fishing cabin decor that is welcoming for the entire family.

Cabin Bedrooms and Cabin Bathrooms

Down the hall, towards the quieter areas of the cabin, there are cabin bedrooms for the family and your guests. The two larger bedrooms have private bathrooms, and the smaller bedrooms share access to larger cabin bathrooms. In addition, each cabin bathroom is unique in its appearance with bear and moose decor, antique fishing decor, and other elements as we bring nature indoors.

Log Cabin Decor